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Pumpkin and Leeks Lasagne

Lasagne con Zucca e Porri

Recipe posted by alverman - Translation by damo267 - Go to italian recipe

Very simple but tasty ingredients that go very well together in this unusual lasagna

  • pumpkin diced in rather small cubes (max 1-1,5 cm...they cook faster)
  • leeks cut in julienne (same quantity as the pumpkin)
  • parmesan cheese
  • lasagna noodles (the frozen kind is excellent too)
  • for the bechamel sauce:
  • milk
  • butter
  • flour

I start by explaining my method for the bechamel sauce:first of all prepare the roux by melting some butter with a drop of vegetable oil (it avoids frying and browning).

Once melt, incorporate flour in the same quantity as the butter used.

Proportions should be: 1 liter of milk, 100 g butter, 100 g flour.

Bring the milk to a boil, add salt and season with nutmeg if you like that aroma.

When milk boils turn off the heat and whisk the roux in.

Adding the roux separately can help you choose the density you like for your bechamel: if you need it to be a little more fluid (like for cooking some veggies au gratin, for instance) you can add less of it, or if you need it for the lasagna you can add more.

You will see, it will thicken up immediately with no lumps at all and you don't need to constantly be stirring fearing for the sauce to stick to the pot.

Now prepare the base for the lasagna: in a wide pan heat up some oil and when warm add leeks and pumpkin together.

They will dry up pretty fast, so you'll keep them moist by adding some warm wather or broth.

It does not need to cook long as you want them soft but firm.

Season with salt and pepper at the end.

Start building up the lasagna with a layer of pure bechamel sauce followed by a layer of lasagna noodles, then the pumpkin and leeks mix, to which you have added the bechamel.

Dredge every layer with cheese.

I use frozen egg lasagna noodles: they are the same size as your average lasagna pan and I normally make 5 layers with a generous layer of bechamel mix.

At the end I cover the top with some more parmesan cheese and bake at 175°C/180°C for about half an hour or till nice and gold. That's it!


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