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Grappa Semifreddo on Berries Coulis

Semifreddo alla Grappa con Salsa ai Frutti di Bosco

Recipe posted by alverman - Translation by Sylakka - Go to italian recipe

A recipe "stolen" from a talented chef from Padua, at a Chefs'association meeting. Quality of grappa is crucial in this recipe. Its flavours are enhanced in this pudding.

  • 500 gr. of sugar
  • 250 gr. of egg whites
  • 500 gr. of fresh whipping cream
  • a good quality grappa
  • mixed berries
  • sugar: half the weight of the berries

Italian meringue takes a little effort to make but it's a good basis for different semifreddo recipes that need whipped egg whites. You will need a sugar thermometer.

Set in a casserole 500 gr. of sugar and 150 gr. of water over low heating and let it melt, reaching the temperature of 121°C (just before caramelization).

Add egg whites and beat until stiff.

In another bowl whip the cream and then mix carefully to the meringue.

Add some grappa, to your taste.

Pour the mixture into ramequins and set into freezer for several hours.

For the berries coulis:

Wash the berries and let them cook slowly on low heating with half of its weight of sugar in a little pan.

When sugar is melted let cool down and serve the coulis with semifreddo.

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